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Episode 5 - How To Make Faux Batik With Glue or Flour Paste

Batik  is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the fabric Batik is made either by drawing designs  of the resist  (parafin or wax) with a spouted tool called a canting.

But today I'll show you the Faux Batik! It's the same technique but instead of using paraffin or wax, I'll give you 2 options: 

The first one I'll use glue and the second one I'll use flour.

So let's start!

Faux Batik With Glue:
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Fabric Paint
  • Washable Glue Gel (I'm using Elmer's the blue one)
  • Brush and water to dilute the paint a little bit
  • Plastic wrap to protect your table
  • Parchment paper to iron the fabric
1- Protect your surface with the plastic wrap and put the fabric on top of it

2- Make your design with the glue, use your imagination!

3- Let the glue dry for about 12 hours

4- After dried paint the fabric with fabric paint use a little bit of water (not too much) to dilute de paint. It makes easier to paint!

5- Wait until the paint is dried and then soak the fabric in a bucket with warm water for about 30 minutes

6- With your hands take all the glue off of the fabric

7- Let the fabric dry and iron it between the parchment paper

Batik with Flour

If you don't have the glue you can make the Batik with a flour paste!

 Flour Paste Recipe
  • Equal parts of water and flour plus 2 or 3 tablespoons of flour (it will depends the consistency of the paste)
  • Some vinegar drops

In a medium container mix all the ingredients until well incorporated.

  • Flour paste
  • Pipping bag
  • Round tip
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Fabric paint
  • Some drops of liquid soap
  • Parchment Paper
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Spray bottle
  • Brush

1- Protect your surface with the plastic wrap and put the fabric on top of it

2- Using the pipping bag filled with the flour paste, make your design on the fabric

3- Let the flour paste dry for about 12 hours

4-Spray the paint with a little bit of water to dilute it over the fabric

5- If you want you can use the brush the paint over the fabric. Do not use it over the flour paste

6- Now let the paint dry completely and take the flour pieces off the fabric! They will ease detach from the fabric!

7- Take it off all the flour that you can

8- In a bucket add warm water and some drops of soap. Soak the fabric very fast and rinse it under the tap water.
Here the fabric may bleed a little bit!

9- Let the fabric dry and iron in between parchment paper!

Now, with these fabrics you can create more projects!

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